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Design Learned, Inc.

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Norwich, CT

Pensacola, FL

We design and provide services for

New construction, and renovation of existing buildings in these areas and more:

  • HVAC/Mechanical

  • Plumbing

  • Electrical

  • Fire Protection

  • Noise Control

  • Interior Planning


There are more systems to design and they are, by necessity, specified in greater depth than is required for other types of buildings.  Animal care is unique, bearing little similarity to human medical or other types of facilities. The combination of animal density, multiple disease paths, humidity control, odor and cleaning considerations, and noise control within relatively small spaces makes animal care facilities among the most difficult and deeply coordinated types of building engineering. Many of these requirements are not intuitive.​

The building systems for an animal facility must be designed to be exceptional both in animal safety and comfort as well as energy efficiency.  The floor planning, mechanical engineering, lighting and plumbing systems work together to reduce energy and resource consumption, increase staff efficiency, reduce animal stress and mitigate odor and disease.

  • Our goals for animal facility design are to:

  • Provide safe, low stress conditions for animals

  • Provide a high quality, low stress clinical environments

  • Provide safe, confidential environments for animal surrender for animal shelters

  • Promote environmental preservation and utilize sustainable design

  • Improve operational efficiency and cost

  • Design and engineer durable, maintainable buildings

It is important to have a planner and engineer who understands a broad range of animal facility requirements.  We do not simply copy from other facilities or rely on historically typical choices for equipment and design.  Every room is carefully and specifically designed with very exact air flow, electrical and plumbing design, specialized cleaning systems, animal specific lighting and noise control.​

Our design protocol is a room-by-room approach to ensure that the floor planning and engineering requirements are specific to clinical, kennel and caging areas, evaluation rooms, treatment space, shelter intake rooms, daycare and training, grooming and public spaces.

We have exhaustive check-lists that are reviewed with clients to ensure that every appropriate system and performance is discussed and considered.  We have experience with nearly all vendors of caging, cleaning systems, veterinary and shelter products and equipment, animal care lighting, and industry specific cleaning chemicals.​

Solving noise, stress, staff efficiency and public perception issues design phase is essential.  Interior design solutions to these problems are highly effective and minimize the costs of cleaning, staffing, HVAC and external noise control systems.

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