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To positively impact the lives of animals by increasing the quality of animal care facility design and engineering.

  • Develop quality, enriched environments for animals

  • Contribute to the enduring, humane treatment of animals

  • Provide quality design and customer service

  • Be the industry leader in animal care engineering and design

DLI was founded in 1993 by Scott Learned, the current President and Principal Engineering. The company began as a general MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) engineering firm.  After a few years and a couple of animal care projects as the engineer on the project, we realized that there is a very large gap in knowledge and understanding in the design and engineering of animal care facilities specifically including veterinary hospitals, animal shelters, and daycare/boarding facilities. 

This opened DLI to the world of animal care and all of its unique challenges including things like odor, disease, stress, and noise control. This also showed us the need for interior planning assistance in addition to engineering needs for things like thoughtful floor planning, what finishes to put in the building that can stand up to the daily abuse of animals, urine, and water, along with caging and equipment recommendations.  There must be a coordinated effort between the engineering and interior planning/architecture of the building in order to compressively and adequately address the many special requirements of an animal care facility.

Fast forward to the present and we are a full services MEP engineering and interior planning company that specializes in the animal care facility planning and design with hundreds of facilities in our portfolio across the United States and Canada.  We have an MEP engineering and design staff that has extensive knowledge of things such as fresh air, dehumidification, UVGI disinfectant technology, and drainage requirements. We also have comprehensive and up-to-date knowledge of animal care guidelines, best practices, standards, and recommendations along with product, vendor, and manufacturer information that we can apply to floor planning and overall interior planning.  Our company looks forward to continuing to be a part of the animal care community and pursuing our mission of positively impacting the lives of animals.


Our History

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