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Are you looking for animal care consulting and building systems engineering services for an upcoming project?  DLI delivers unparalleled engineering and design services across the animal care industry.  Take a look at the steps below to see if we can help with your project.

Are you designing an Animal Care Facility?

From coast-to-coast, we find that Architects and Architectural Firms come to us for support on their animal care projects because they trust our industry expertise.  Are you facing any of these challenges?

  • Completing an RFQ for a municipal shelter

  • Leading on a project that requires an animal care consultant

  • Handling an animal care project that needs MEP, fire protection, and noise control engineering

  • Struggling with animal care specific question on floor planning, finishes, and equipment

  • Overwhelmed with multiple consultants on a single animal care project

Are you ready to better serve your clients?

Our team supports you through the building journey.  Here are a few common ways:

  • Experienced Support on Responses to RFQs and RFPs

  • Joint Discussions with the Building Owners

  • Animal Care Consultations

  • Design and MEP Engineering Services

Are you interested in our Animal-First Solutions?

With 25+ years experience in this industry, our team delivers specialized solutions to support your animal care projects.  Here are the top services we provide:

  • MEP, Fire Protection, and Noise Control Engineering Services

  • Animal Care Consulting

  • Full Design Services

  • Drawing Reviews

  • Programming and Floor Planning

  • Finish Recommendations

Access our Animal Care service!

Contact DLI today to schedule a complimentary consultation for your upcoming animal care project.

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