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Services for Expert Witness Needs

Are you looking for a third-party review or expert testimony for your veterinary clinic, animal shelter, or animal care facility?  DLI delivers unparalleled engineering and design review services across the animal care industry.  Take a look at the steps below to see if we can help with your project.

Do you have Legal Challenges with your Animal Care Facility?

From coast-to-coast, we find that building owners and attorneys come to us for a third-party review of their facilities because they trust our industry expertise.  Are you facing any of these challenges?

  • Battling contractors who improperly installed items in the facility

  • Experiencing issues with the design or drawings that were provided by your design professionals

  • Facing a lawsuit or legal action from a contractor

  • Have a building that is operating poorly

Are you ready to work with an Animal Care Expert?

Our team supports you through the building journey.  Here are a few common ways:

  • Animal Care Consultation

  • Review of Documentation

  • In-Person Site Visits

  • Expert Witness Service

Do you need trusted insights from an Industry Expert?

With 25+ years experience in this industry, our Expert Witness services deliver trusted insights as you face legal challenges.  Here are the top services we provide:

  • Expert review of building and design

  • Inventory of building and design issues

  • Determination of original building needs

  • Building remediation

  • Assistance with determination of monetary impact

  • Expert to testify during arbitration, mediation, or trail

Access our Animal Care services!

Contact DLI today to schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss your third-party review or expert testimony needs with our team of animal care experts.

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