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LA Dogworks

LA Dogworks — “Los Angeles’s first exclusive dog Mecca” — recruited Design Learned, Inc. to design the pleasant and contemporary kennel - equipped with ultra-modern technology - to ensure the highest level of health and safety for dogs of all shapes and sizes.

“We are only as good as we smell!” explains Andrew Rosenthal, LA Dogworks founder and owner. “Design Learned, Inc. came up with a custom designed filtration system that met our rigorous demands for air quality. Our clients come to LA Dogworks expecting an experience like none other. We knew it was possible to create a pristine indoor environment where dogs can still be dogs, but we were not sure how to keep the air quality pure and odor free. Scott and his team knew exactly what to do.”

Advanced technology features include a high tech drainage and flushing system throughout the facility that moves "dirty" water out of the building in a timely manor. The HVAC system rivals most hospitals, assisting in the prevention of bacteria, mold, and control pathogens.

1014 North Highland Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 90038

(323) 461-5151

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