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Memphis Animal Services

This beautiful 33,000 square foot, $6M project is the new municipal animal shelter and paddock for Memphis, Tennessee. The facility includes a fully functioning Animal Control Center with its own dedicated staff.

The engineered systems include central, energy efficient heating and cooling systems with isolating zoning and airborne bio pathogen controls. The building’s waterborne pathogen control system is implemented through central cleaning systems, self-rinsing drains, and hair separation. The lighting systems are optimized for energy control while maintaining adequate cleaning and veterinary lighting levels.


Memphis, TN

33,000 square feet
Services Provided
- Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing 
- Fire Protection Engineering
- Noise Control Engineering
- Odor/Disease Control Engineering

2350 Appling City Cove

Memphis, TN 38133

(901) 636-7297

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