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Oldwick Animal Hospital

Design Learned Inc. collaborated with local architects and geothermal engineers - from project conception through construction - to design this state-of-the-art veterinary facility for LEED Certification.

This facility has been built for superior energy efficiency by utilizing a vast amount of natural light and geothermal technology. The interior has three levels of lighting so that the staff and patients can adjust the wattage to the task at hand. The exterior of the Oldwick Animal Hospital had to conform to strict local ordinances, therefore, the Design Learned team used soft lighting on the outside to maintain the residential feel necessary for the area. Our mechanical design includes many zones which have dedicated heat pumps so that the geothermal system can deliver heating and cooling only where necessary. A separate system cleans, filters, and adds fresh air to ensure the building keeps the staff and patients healthy.

130 Oldwick Road

Whitehouse Station, NJ 56601

(908) 439-2470

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