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8 Questions to Ask Yourself about a Potential Property

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

What do I look for in a potential building location?

It is difficult to know where to start when you are looking for a location for your animal care facility. There are so many questions that may come to mind - but more importantly so many questions that may not cross your mind. The experts at DLI regularly review potential sites for clients and provide recommendations regarding proposed sites. Whether reviewing a location for a brand new veterinary clinic or reviewing an existing space to be retrofitted for a humane society or animal shelter, our experts make it simple for decision makers.

Questions to ask about a Potential Property

As you navigate the property decision making, here are some questions you may want to ask:

  1. What is your target audience or ideal client demographic? Is that demographic represented in the area? Is there enough potential business to support your organizational growth plans?

  2. Is the property location easily accessible - think about residential areas, highways, busy roads, etc.?

  3. Does the property have any special features? Is there a unique landmark or incentive on this property?

  4. Are there any special zoning restrictions for this property? Will locating an animal care facility on this property require a special use permit or even a zoning rule change?

  5. Are there any competing businesses near the property?

  6. Does the property have the appropriate utilities for an animal care facility? Is the property on sewer or septic? Is there power and water already at the property?

  7. What kind of energy is available at the site? Does it use fossil fuels, electricity, solar, etc.?

  8. Is the property large enough for all of your needs? Do you need outdoor space? Do you know how large your facility will be?

Business Impact of the Property Location

All of these questions can influence your decision. Some answers may affect the timeline of your project. Think about any Planning and Zoning restrictions around the area. Hearings and meetings to remedy those situations takes time - and time often costs money. Some answers may affect the budget of your veterinary clinic, humane society, or animal shelter. Think about the availability of public utilities. For instance, if the property does not have power, water, or sewer, you may be responsible for bringing those to the site, which can be very costly. Some answers may even affect your revenues. Think about your competition and market size in the area. Is there minimal competition or is it a competitive area? These questions are just the beginning! At DLI, we guide our clients through the process of determining the appropriate property location for veterinary clinic, humane society, or animal shelter.

Review My Potential Property

Let us know if you would like us to review a potential property for your upcoming veterinary clinic, humane society or animal shelter project. We can provide recommendations as well as other useful information during your property search for your future animal care facility. Schedule a virtual consultation with the Design Learned team today!

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