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Building Size and Project Scope

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

Our team of animal care design experts and engineers is here to support our clients across the spectrum of animal care facilities. After decades of experience in the animal care industry, we know that the size and scope of building projects vary drastically for many reasons. The DLI experts deliver building engineering services to animal shelters, humane societies, vet clinics, and doggy daycares across the nation.

What size should my building be?

An initial set of questions we hear from folks is about the size of their potential building.

  • Is my project too small or too large for your help? Our answer is “No!” The square footage, or size, of the facility is not a determining factor in whether DLI will be part of a project. We have worked on animal shelters that are more than 50,000 square feet and veterinary hospitals less than 1,200 square feet (one was 800 square feet).

  • How many square feet should the building be? How do I know if the facility will be too big or small? For our clients who are unsure of the size of the facility they need, DLI is here to help determine the facility size that meets their specific animal care requirements during the Feasibility and Planning Stage of Building Design.

Are my questions too minor for your expertise?

The scope and extent of services are another concern of potential clients.

  • “Is our renovation project too small?” Our answer is “No!”

  • “Are our design questions regarding a potential facility too minor?” Our answer is “No!”

We often provide comprehensive services:

  • full mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, and noise control engineering

  • interior planning services, such as programming, floor planning, and equipment/caging/finish recommendations

We also provide numerous other services:

  • building review and recommendation reports

  • drawing reviews

  • hourly consultation services

Sometimes our clients are unsure what they need - but they know they need something! The DLI team helps determine the scope and extent of the services for our clients based on need and budget.

Design Services for Unique Animal Care Needs

Our animal care clients have varying needs and unique requirements. The DLI team of experts works with each client to determine how we can best serve their building projects. Our goal is to provide valuable services to assist animal care projects. Schedule a virtual consultation today!

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