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How to Fundraise for an Animal Shelter Building

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

Do you have an animal shelter building project coming up? Are you unsure where to start? Are you uncertain of how to fundraise for the building?

Designing and building a new animal shelter is an exhilarating prospect, but obtaining funding for these projects can be a very daunting task. Most non-profit shelters do not have cash reserves to fund development. Because of this, fundraising is a vital part of our projects, ultimately determining the project's magnitude and success.

Top 3 Fundraising Questions for Animal Shelters

Here are three questions Executive Directors ask us when fundraising for their animal shelter building.

How do I get help with fundraising for my animal shelter?

Fundraising help is a critical focus that sets the tone for an entire animal shelter building project. We recommend hiring a local fundraising expert or capital campaign consultant who can partner with the DLI team. The partnership between the local expert and the national DLI team will provide you with the expertise needed to fully understand the fundraising process and local knowledge to determine what the community can financially bear. Finding a local fundraising consultant with experience in capital campaigns for animal shelters is even better!

Be cautious when working with a fundraising expert or capital campaign consultant not local to your area. DLI highly recommends working with a local expert as they often have a finger on the pulse of your geographic location. Having a fundraising expert with local knowledge can help you best focus resources on what will resonate most in the area - that can often mean the difference between a failed capital campaign and a successful one.

When should I begin fundraising for my animal shelter building?

Another initial question we hear from Executive Directors is when to start fundraising. The DLI animal care industry experts recommend starting fundraising planning as soon as possible for building projects. If you can begin to gain buy-in and excitement from donors - the payoff can be significant.

DLI understands that the Executive Directors of animal shelters need to show donors the design ideas, cost projections, and donor opportunities. Because of this, the DLI team is often heavily involved in supporting fundraising initiatives by providing conceptual designs and floor plans that animal shelters use in their fundraising and marketing campaigns.

Talk about ROI! At this stage in the game, DLI can provide clients with powerful resources for a nominal investment that gives a significant return with donor and funding acquisition. The conceptual designs and related materials offer Executive Directors and fundraising teams the insights they need to fuel effective fundraising and capital campaign initiatives - including building size, floor plans, preliminary cost estimates, and building renderings.

How do I get the most out of my fundraising for my animal shelter?

There are multiple ways to optimize fundraising for your animal shelter. First, we highly recommend partnering with DLI as we hold over two decades of animal care experience!

We have a wealth of animal care and fundraising knowledge to benefit your building project.

  • From resources such as floor plans and renderings to potential donor opportunities within the building, our team partners with you to maximize your campaign effectiveness to help assign funds.

  • DLI experts attend fundraising events for our clients to answer donor questions and provide our animal care expertise to benefit your building campaign.

  • We bring the building to life in a way that generates excitement and boosts engagement with donors.

Further, the DLI team is dedicated to research and due diligence on your behalf.

  • Using our research, Executive Directors determine the appropriate budget for the project early in the building design process - and if they should scale building designs.

Who doesn't like a little excitement?

  • Leverage our animal care consultants and building engineers at your events. Whether at donor events or public meetings, have the animal care experts by your side to navigate questions and build momentum. Visibility is vital during any fundraising campaign.

Access Fundraising Support for My Animal Shelter Building

Our animal care clients have varying needs and unique requirements. The DLI team of experts works with each client to determine how we can best serve their building projects. Our goal is to provide valuable services to assist animal care projects. Schedule a virtual consultation today!

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