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  • Writer's pictureC. Scott Learned MS, MBA, PE, LEED AP.

New Year, New Construction

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

As you embark on the new year it is time to put plans into action to repair, remodel, or expand your facility to meet the growing and changing needs of your community. For shelters, this could mean the addition of caging for animals or a reallocation of public space due to COVID-19 adjustments. For veterinary hospitals, this could mean the remodel of your clinical space. For boarding and daycare facilities, this could mean the addition of more play yards or caging or updating the finishes throughout the building. If you plan on expanding your business or operations this year or you just want to update your current facility, then a remodel or addition is definitely on your calendar!

Design Learned is here for all your engineering and interior planning needs. We possess the tools and expertise to give you the high performing facility your clients need. We start with an assessment of your current facility and focus on the areas you want to expand or change making sure to keep in mind the future needs of your building. Are you concerned with the odor or noise in the facility? Is there any issue with disease spread at your facility? Are the flooring and finishes wearing out from their use? Expanding your animal care facility calls for special considerations that are unique to animal care. For instance, odor, noise, and disease control are heavily regulated by your mechanical and plumbing systems. Your systems must be able to handle the capacity of your facility adequately, so an expansion or remodel will most likely require an increased capacity for the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems (MEP). Updated MEP systems can provide cleaner and healthier spaces. For example, updating the plumbing system may include the addition of trench drains with automatic rinsing systems in the dog kennels and flush fixtures which allow for the immediate removal of solid waste from those kennels. An updated mechanical system can provide healthier air quality, increased fresh air into the building, and more isolated mechanical zones so that one room does not communicate with another room allowing for the reduction of noise and disease transmission. Having strong and comprehensive MEP engineered systems is vital to the functionality and safety of your facility.

Growth is a beautiful thing and having a high functioning facility is the best way to ensure your employees, clients, and animals will always be in the best environment! When you get started on your expansion be sure to choose an engineering and design team that truly understands the complexity of animal care facilities like Design Learned does. We know the importance of the overarching mission of the animal care industry and have the knowledge and experience required to design a successful animal care facility.


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