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Pre-Construction Design Services for the Franklin County Humane Society

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

What pre-construction services does DLI offer?

When our team isn’t retrofitting existing builds for a new purpose, we often provide pre-construction services for projects. From designing to engineering to researching to consulting and more, our highly specialized and exceptionally knowledgeable team of engineers and professionals collaborate with our clients. The Franklin County Humane Society is an excellent example of a project for which the DLI team delivered design services over the past several years.

When working with pre-construction projects for Animal Shelters or Humane Societies, there are fundraising goals and grants our clients aim to secure. And, in many cases, we provide them with materials such as designs or plans that they use during their marketing efforts!

Learn more about the Franklin County Humane Society

The mission of the Franklin Country Humane Society is to “build a shelter the community of Frankfort and Franklin Country will be proud of, and that will enhance the lives of our companion animals for the next half-century!” The Franklin Country Humane Society is designed at just under 20,000 square feet and features specific areas designed for its unique service or function such as a dog area, cat area, clinic, support areas, and more.

Pre-Construction Services Offered by DLI

We are excited to share that the DLI team delivered several pre-construction services for this project.

  • Assisting in Floor Planning with the Architect, K Norman Berry Associates

  • Selection of Customized Caging & Equipment

  • Designing the Play Yard Layout

  • Mechanical & Electrical Engineering

  • Plumbing Engineering

  • Noise Control Engineering

  • Fire Protection Engineering

Maximize Specialized Expertise in Your Animal Care Facility

The DLI team holds specialized expertise in designing and engineering animal care facilities. Depending on the project at hand, our clients may select to work with the DLI team to manage all design aspects. And, at other times, our clients may choose to work with their local architect and collaborate with our team on animal care-specific engineering and interior planning needs. Regardless of the approach, our team’s proven experience in animal care facilities is unparalleled!

Request a Consultation to Discuss Your Upcoming Project

Are you looking for design and planning services for your upcoming veterinary hospital or animal shelter project? Schedule a complimentary consultation with the Design Learned team today!

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